Planning your dream wedding involves making an overwhelming amount of decisions that either move you forward or cause you to
second guess yourself. The truth is, that if this is your first time planning a wedding, you simply don't know what you don't know. 

The service that I provide all of my couples is truly comprehensive to help you navigate the many unknowns and be an expert resource to bounce ideas off of throughout the entire process.

Whether you are newly engaged and haven't started planning yet OR you have already hired vendors and signed contracts, when we begin our partnership, you become a full-service client

From creating a realistic budget spending plan and providing you with reputable vendor recommendations to conceptualizing the entire event design and finalizing all logistical details, my streamlined approach saves you time and energy, while giving you absolute peace of mind that you are going to be able to enjoy every single minute of your incredible wedding day.

The Ultimate


Event Design 

Event Design Consulting is automatically included when you work with me and encompasses all of the decisions that must be made to establish the overall aesthetic. Color schemes, fonts, paper styles, bridal party attire, flowers, candles, vases, linens, china, floor plans, lighting, lounge furniture set-ups, and cake design are all pieces of the massive Event Design puzzle.

I take the time to learn about you - your likes, dislikes, vision, and overall style preferences. Then I curate a cohesive look to ensure your party stands out from the rest. No two events of mine look the same because all of my couples have their own unique personal styles I tap into.

If you appreciate the meticulous details and thoughtful accents that make an event memorable, then we will make a perfect partnership in planning your dream event!





Not only is The Refined Host well known for orchestrating seamless and unforgettable weddings, but clients also hire TRH to coordinate all types of social gatherings such as milestone birthday parties, anniversary parties, holiday soirees, charity events, and so much more!


From sourcing rental items AND hiring an at-home catering team, to organizing all of the small details that help personalize an event, Let me help eliminate unnecessary stress and pull together a super chic gathering.

These events fall under a custom Hourly Consulting package that is dependent on the scope of the party. Inquire for more information!

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