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"Hiring Daulton was ONE OF THE BEST THINGS we ever did. We were able to enjoy every second of our special day and had PEACE OF MIND knowing we could count on her!"


"Daulton's deep KNOWLEDGE of the wedding industry allows her to curate unique, fun, and exciting weddings that are an ABSOLUTE JOY to be a part of! ... I'm always impressed with her attention to detail and POSITIVE ATTITUDE that is ABSOLUTELY CONTAGIOUS!"


Most of my clients are busy professionals who do not have the extra time to plan an event, especially one as time intensive as a wedding. As Mindy Weiss said, "If you can't devote 10 hours a week to wedding planning for the first two months, 5 hours a week for the next few months, and 10-20 hours a week for the last ten weeks before the wedding, a planner could be a lifesaver."

Also, my long-standing relationships with venues and vendors allows me to negotiate discounted prices for their services, so you know you are getting the best value possible. My clients can attest to My negotiating skills and how I was able to partially pay for my services in the savings from the vendors they hired! 


I. How will I benefit from working with The Refined Host?

Simply put, the venue coordinator works for the venue and the event planner works for the client. The venue coordinator is SOLELY responsible for the details involving the venue (and catering, if it is in-house), but they are not full-service event planners. 

It is not a venue coordinator's responsibility to help you research and contract the numerous remaining vendors such as photography, music, lighting, paper goods, rentals, décor, hair and makeup, transportation, and hotel blocks. They also do not assist with communicating the timeline to all of your vendors, which will then fall on you and can be stress inducing and time intensive.

While venue coordinators are handling all of the events taking place at their venue for the year (often 50 or more), I take on a limited number of events each year to guarantee you the best value and
quality of services.  

III. My venue comes with a coordinator, so why should I
hire an outside event planner?

the lead coordinator is responsible for overseeing all of your vendors to make sure they arrive on time, provide all services agreed upon, and set the décor according to the floor plans.

the lead will be on-site the entire day to guide and support you and ensure the timeline runs smoothly, including cuing the ceremony processional, toasts, special dances, cake cutting and
any other notable moments.

If anything unexpected comes up (outside of our Plan B and C), the lead will handle it on your behalf and most of the time without you or your guests noticing. Your only job will be to relax, enjoy the special day and have fun knowing that we have everything under control. 

II. What is the Lead Coordinator's role on the event day?

I charge a flat fee for MY services based upon the scope of the project and the hours it will take to complete. Although other planners might charge 15%-20% of your total budget, I believe this practice is unethical and entices that planner to make you overspend merely for their benefit. I never accept commissions or give out kick backs, either.

All that matters to ME is that I am getting compensated for the time I AM putting into the project, regardless of your total budget. 

IV. How do you charge for your planning + design fee?